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Projection of sound: perforated A4 laser print. Flutes made by the artist.

Aurora: graph of light and sound, watercolour and graphite on paper, A4

Whisper: video still, paper lettering in breeze

High-flying kite: digital photo. Kite made by the artist.

Wind-activated text: perforated A3 laser-printed copies of book pages, vowels removed.

Revealing the presence of air: moire laser prints made from photos of empty sky

Writing in the wind: grasses

Singing kites: paper and bamboo with wind-activated mouth reeds.

White noise: file of kite sails, perforated paper, A4

High-voltage discharge: watercolour sketchbook

Echos from a chalk mine (Hill and Dale): re-touched laser print, paint on paper, 95 x 45cm.

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